Recovery Bath


You put in the hours, play with passion, and demand one hundred percent from your body and your mind. You deserve the rewards.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, your muscles still burn, your joints still ache and spirit screams for victory. That’s why we at Pride on the Line, believe that everybody should have the chance to prepare, perform and recover effectively and safely, no matter what level of competition you’re in.

It’s this philosophy that underpins all of our practical, convenient and affordable Recovery Bath systems.

The first of these, the Pride on the Line Recovery Bath Compact and Recovery Bath Duo, were borne out of a need for a simple and efficient way to help athletes recover more quickly by allowing the body to heal with the aid of cold therapy. But this is just the beginning.

We’re committed to sourcing and developing a range of high-quality recovery products which, although designed with the elite sportsperson in mind, can benefit anyone who leads an active or demanding lifestyle.

So go out there and be the best you can, knowing that we’ll be there to help you prepare, perform, recover and ultimately achieve your own success.

Pride on the Line is Australian owned and operated – and we’re proud of that.

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