Organic Vegan Protein 1kg Vanilla

73% of 100

Finally, there’s a completely natural and organic plant based protein formula that is not only good for you, but tastes delicious too! This formula contains high quality, vegan friendly proteins extracted using innovative European Clean Water Technology. This extraction process is free from solvents and chemicals, resulting in completely clean plant protein powders.

BSc’s Organic Vegan Protein contains two European sourced proteins, namely Belgium pea protein and German rice protein, natural flavour and a sprinkle of stevia. The result is a nutrient dense protein supplement that contains zero artificial ingredients. It’s free from soy, dairy, gluten, animal products, GMO, artificial colours, artificial flavours and artificial sweeteners. It’s hypoallergenic, containing ingredients that are naturally free from the two most common food allergens, gluten and lactose. Plus, it has no added sugar and a great texture and taste. Makes you smile just thinking about it.

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